Media Overload…

Posted on February 23, 2011


8 o’clock Thursday morning. I wake up to my iPhone’s alarm blaring and a message flashing —“This was set 4 a reason.”— Immediately, I am exposed to my phone instructing me to do something, the television, left on from last night and on top of that, I have a case study that I haven’t read yet. Next thing you know, I am on the Internet “google-ing” the case study to print out. And Before I know it, I am consuming three different waves of media, being awake for less than two minutes. Sound a little over whelming… Right? But when you break it down, multitasking different types of media, either “exposed” or “consumed” almost seems routine.

Over the course of two days I began to notice dominate patterns developing in my media habits. Media consumption is almost inevitable, even while in class or at work. Computer based media was dominate and appeared to be easily accessible on both days. While in class I was exposed with power point lectures, online study guides and my my class online. While working I was exposed to tons of media. Just to give you an idea, I work at an Italian restaurant. From reading different menu items, using a computer to send orders and Michael Bublé passively projecting from the speakers. Not to mention, when ever you get a minute to relax from the rush, “facebook-ing” or sending a text message from your phone is pretty common among the servers.

It would be fair to say that any time I’m in my vehicle, the radio is playing. It might sound crazy but I can’t remember the last time I had turned it off. My consumption to the radio was appealing to me. I found myself spending almost six hours in two days listening to the radio. Six hours seemed like a lot to me. (There are nights when I’ve had less sleep.) I over looked the amount of time I was listening to the radio and how it may have influenced my views on the world around me. Don’t forget all the billboards that I passed while commuting to work and school. As far as reading, I noticed I spent a lot of time with textbooks. It was interesting to see how much time I actually spent reading. During work I read the newspaper and found myself reading a case study for class.

During the two days, the exposure to all forms of media was never ending. Logging each media encounter was starting to become tedious. However, it became apparent how different forms of media can have influenced how I may perceive the world. I found myself engaging with different types of media over two days through working, education, basic communication, and entertainment. Ultimately, with advances in technology and how volumes of information can be received my media exposure will continue to influence the world around me.

It is almost impossible NOT to be consumed by some sort of media today. It is quite obvious Americans are increasing their overall media consumption, and media multi-tasking is part of the equation. According to Pew Research Center up to 78% of adults use television as a media platform to receive news. The Internet was holding strong at 73%. About 50% of adults access up to 6 different platforms daily. The study suggests that as the volume of information grows along with the increase of media multi-tasking the availability to media will almost be UNBEIELIVABLE.

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