No Media… No Problem?!

Posted on February 24, 2011


Wow, talk about SELF-control while pulling yourself away from voluntary media for two days. Let’s just say, “Easier said, then done.” Recording what media I notice was much more difficult compared to the days allowing media. I chose to do two days that I didn’t have class, because I commute a lot longer than I would just driving to work.

Immediately, I started noticing the disadvantages of not using any form of media. There were times I felt anxious not being able to listen to the radio on my drive to work. Holding myself back from checking the weather on my phone was hard. While I was at work on my break, I would typically look at Facebook or talk to someone via text. But that wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I found myself listen to my car engine revving on the way to work. I did notice I was more attentive while driving not listening to the radio. While at work I was par taking in my bad habit of smoking more often. I also found myself surrounding myself with other employees a lot more than I would any other day. In my opinion there were few advantages of no connection with media and that was my level of focus while at work. I also began to be more productive with cleaning around the house. At one point I was counting change that I had collected in my change jug. Yeah I did say I was counting coins. Ridiculous…Right?

New Mexico takes the no phone for a day into action.

Within the two days I began to notice that it is REALLY hard to completely cut media out of your daily routine, and in my case, it was almost impossible. While I was driving to school I still drove past advertisements along the road, and I couldn’t help the fact that my girlfriend was watching TV while I was cleaning around the house.

There is clearly a difference from “voluntary” and ”involuntary” exposure to media. From the advertisements on the drive to work, music playing in the restaurant where I work and the occasional TV on while I walk in the room was all involuntary exposure to media.

Ultimately, I felt very distant from everything. Not being able to use any form of media definitely make me understand and appreciate the “media luxuries” I am exposed to daily. Let me tell you, going without media does not feel good at all, at least in my opinion. I felt out of control and felt
out of the social loop with my friends and family. Media influences are used in media studies, psychology and communication theory. Connecting the world to individuals and reproducing the self-image of society is heavily influences with all forms of media. In today’s society it would be a sick joke if you didn’t interact with some sort of media on a daily basis.

All in all, this was an interesting assignment that helped me realize that nearly every waking hour, I am exposed to some form of media. Would I want to do with out it again? I think NOT.

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