DISNEY: Happily Ever After?

Posted on April 6, 2011


As a child, watching Disney was colorful entertaining and had underlying benefits for parents and children. From the famous music to the entertaining characters I believe the Disney culture will continue to strive as a stepping-stone to families throughout society. While time passes by some stereotypes and themes previously presented by Disney will change, there is no doubt about that, but ultimately, the most important factor of the Disney culture will provide parents and children a basis where further discussion and experiences will stem from the Disney experience.

The Disney culture has immersed us culturally and characteristically growing up.  From the long blonde hair that extends the golden stair, the red headed mermaid from under the sea, women have been portrayed as beautiful, but helpless individuals throughout Disney films. Have you wondered what Disney princess best represents you? Well, now you can.

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Although the way in which women are presented in Disney films has progressed throughout time, there is yet to be a true role model for women that demonstrates that a woman does not need a man to be happy, a woman does not need a man to achieve success, and beauty isn’t everything. Personality, intelligence and education are very important factors in determining success in life. I’m sure Disney can find a way to represent this in their films.

While I was growing up in the Disney culture it was the good that overcomes evil that stood out to me. Disney provided me with a foundation to “do good.” In turn, that basic fundamental has surrounded me throughout my life with relationships, education and even in the work environment.


Furthermore, the Disney culture would seem that the “Disney-ization” of society is not necessarily as bad a thing as other would like you to believe. Disney has provided inspirations to leaders, families, and employees alike. It has taken a method that works well for the company. Not to mention, it has created wonderfully themed attractions for people to visit across the world. While Disney may have popularized the basic negatively viewed trends, it can also be argued that these trends were in response to the ever changing consumer market, and therefore Disney may not be as responsible for the “Disney-ization” of society as previously thought.


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