Moving forward… High-Tech style

Posted on April 6, 2011


May 7, 2035  “Utopia vision”

It is Saturday morning, as you start to wake up the shades open, lights slowly dim on, and your television greets you “Good Morning”. Shortly after, last night baseball highlights are streaming across the TV. As you passively walk out of the bedroom and work your way to the kitchen coffee is made, and the issue of todays paper in instantly available on your Kindle Book. As much time as it takes you to stir sugar in your coffee you have just encountered seven luxuries of the information technology age.

In addition to compiling various futuristic scenarios, the future calls for harnessing the converging components of science and technology to transform society and bring about a “golden age.” The mind and brain will aid the creation of a new species of intelligent machine systems that can generate economic wealth on a scale previously unimaginable. The idea of a hi-tech utopian future might create the wealth needed to provide food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, a clean environment, and physical and financial security for the entire world population.

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There would be little doubt that the new forms of technology are transforming cities around the world.  If one examines the history of urban development, one of the key elements has been the role of technology particularly found in communication. Many cities are aspiring to be a world class, creative, global, high technology or an information age city. A utopian vision of better living via information technology can cause this to happen in years to come. The advances in technology in a utopian era would lead to more advances in the medical field, education, and communication overall.

I would have to say, I find myself falling into the utopian era. The idea that advances in technology can help prevent war, help cure cancer or even brew coffee in the morning will be appreciated. I think the hard part will be the cultural boundaries and enacting a plan to produce good rather than evil.

May 7, 2035  “Bleak vision”

Everyone and everything around you… completely submersed in a highly saturated technology culture. You can even look anyone in the eye anymore because everything you do is via text or email. Jobs previously performed by people are now taken control by a machine. Brain surgery is preformed in a room from a robotic devise that is controlled by someone beach side, in Key West. Basically, life as we know it truing into the Matrix, and what do you do? Sit, update your Facebook status and slowly transform into a non-motivated, heartless, no emotion machine.

Instant messaging, texting, twittering—communication technology is an integral  part of our society. We can now communicate instantly with almost anyone in the world. When used improperly or carelessly, however, these technologies can create big trouble for society.







With a few keystrokes and mouse clicks, entire media empires can be overturned, national politics can be swayed, and historically close-minded institutions can be undermined. Several large educational institutions have found ways to thrive in this new digital revolution, but the truth is, technology isn’t going to destroy our future, it’s just destroying the past, or rather the notion of what used to be “good” teaching. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I know a great deal of educators doing tremendously amazing things with technology, and there is more coming into the school systems each year.

The impact technology will have in the field of Mass Communication will lean more toward a utopian idea rather than a destructive outcome. Advances in technology have help with the flow of communication between cities and countries all across the world. The more that information can circulate through the stages of information technology will help shape and further discussion in the field of Mass communication.

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