No Kobe.

Posted on May 14, 2011


Privacy is something everyone takes seriously, but when individuals reach a celebrity status, the idea of privacy goes out the window. In Kobe Bryant’s case he is a professional basketball player viewed as a role model, future hall of famer, and in some cases one of the best to play the game. At the professional level, there are no doubt inappropriate words are thrown around among players and officials. With technology onward, the importance of a celebrity being mindful and aware that someone is always watching can be overwhelming.

With that in mind, TNT cameras stayed on Kobe Bryant a little too long after a technical foul during the Lakers-Spurs game. They followed Bryant to the bench where he went into a mini tirade, punching a chair (and a teammate in the process), throwing a towel and then yelling out what certainly looks like, “Bennie…fucking faggot.” That’s NBA referee Bennie Adams.


Our plan of attack: make a public apology for his wrongdoings, and continue to perform at a high level on the basketball court. So far, it’s worked: he’s still one of the most valuable, high-scoring, and popular players in the NBA. When making the apology to the public it was eye opening to the public that Kobe really does value his status on and off the court.

People feel that Bryant’s statement was taken out of context, and the slur he used was based more on his emotions at that point rather than an indication of what Bryant thought of the referee as an individual. Bryant should not be suspended for uttering a word that so many people take for granted. However, the fine is a nice reminder that, just because you have no evil intent in your words, doesn’t mean someone is not injured by them anyway.

The conversation is needed because at least someone who chooses to continue using hateful terms can gain an understanding that words and phrases they take for granted can be painful to others.

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